Small Business IT Security

Losing even a day of business operation to a virus infection or security breach can be catastrophic to a small business owner, furthermore most IT security systems involve having to manually monitor for intrusions and apply fixes yourself which can be cumbersome and distract you from more important tasks, but what if there was a better way?

Custodian360 Managed Endpoint Security Solution

Our software solution provides deep and detailed real time network threat monitoring and analysis which can stop infections and intrusions in their tracks.

Unlike most providers we also support you manually with a team of dedicated specialists who will react to alerts from your network to protect and restore your systems.

Protect your business from all known viruses and intruders with Custodian360, we specialise in small business IT Security offering state of the art monitoring and fortification solutions to suit your budget.

Custodian360 for Small Businesses will:

  • Identify and stop malicious processes running on any device in your network
  • Quarantine infected files and allow you to track the entry point into the system meaning you can plug the security hole from allowing further intrusion into your network.
  • Automatically disconnect machines that pose a threat of infecting more of your network allowing us to cleanse and secure your machines in isolation.
  • Alert our security specialists to issues so they can manually intervene before a problem spreads.
  • Immunise your machines in real time against the latest exploits and viruses in the market.
  • Provide detailed reports as regularly as required to keep you abreast of the health of your network.

Custodian360 was built on the observation that most small business IT security solutions are overly complicated or simply require too much manual intervention to be effective. We have over 15 years’ experience in providing real time threat detection and protection solutions for small businesses and have decided to take the stress away from our clients and help them achieve what was previously not possible.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how our managed security solution can help your business.

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