Security Awareness & Phishing Training


Custodian360 provide award winning automated Security Awareness and Training with real-world simulated phishing, policy management, and a huge training library helping your users become a human firewall

Security awareness & phishing training, wherever you need it

Custodian360's huge library of security awareness training material is accessible from any device, at any time.

See your organisation in one view

Detailed information detailing your Click-Prone® % reducing over time, high risk users, breach data information and so much more.

Multiple Device ypes

Automated Phishing Simulations

Monthly automated phishing campaigns will target your users with current content to help them understand  how to identify real phishing emails, protecting your organisation from the inside. 

Automated Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training is automatically assigned to users who interact with the phishing campaigns.

Additional training can be assigned depending on the level of interaction.

Complete Policy Lifecycle Management

Policy Management can be resource intensive. Custodian360's platform makes this easy, upload policies, assign to users and they can review and accept new or updated policies within a defined timescale. 

Bulletin Board For Flash Updates

Each user has access to their own training portal and this can provide flash bulletin updates as required. Bulletins from the NCSC are automatically provided to ensure users are aware of the latest threats. 


Easy to Deploy

Direct Integrations with Microsoft365 and Google Workspace mean we can be setup and delivering mails within 10 minutes. No messing with mail filter rules as mail is written directly to a users mailbox. 

Holistic Solution

A solution that ticks all the boxes for Cyber Essentials, Compliance and Cyber Insurance cost reduction. 

Fully Managed For You

Custodian360's Team run all campaigns and setup all training courses each month so you have nothing to do. 

Bespoke campaigns and courses are available if needed. 


Managed Service Provider? Work with us. 

The Custodian360 Suite lets MSP's solve an array of challenges for their customers with a host of unified, centralised and well-integrated offerings