Managed Endpoint Security

Custodian360 is a unique fully managed endpoint security system that monitors your network for threats in real time, backed up by a dedicated team of security analysts providing the first line of defence for your business.

Our software platform continuously runs powerful and deep analysis of potential threat data, which is transformed into intuitive visualisations which can help pinpoint the source of attacks and intrusions. This produces a visual story line which drills down into individual points in your network from the device level to the file & process where the attack has occurred. This information then allows our team of expert security analysts to take action and secure your network and data.

Custodian360 silently monitors all user and kernel space activity, so when threats are detected we stop them in their tracks regardless of their nature allowing your business operations to continue uninterrupted. We can automatically repair and roll back any damage to your files, unlocking ransomware locked systems and closing infection points to ensure your system’s defences are constantly evolving with the latest threats.

A unique aspect of our solution is that we arm you with leading security experts who monitor your network and react to any intrusions in your system via the Custodian360 platform. Most endpoint security solutions require your IT staff to recognise and fix any issues flagged by the system themselves, this isn’t always ideal as your valuable IT resources may be pulled away from large critical infrastructure development tasks to fire fight and fix a network crippling event like a Ransomware Infection. With Custodian360 you have dedicated security experts

Implementing Custodian360 takes the task of securing and protecting your network off your hands, allowing you to focus your resources on running and expanding your business. For more information about how our solution can reduce your IT security costs and improve your network uptime, please get in touch or read more about our solution in our resource section.

Custodian360 was built on the observation that most small business IT security solutions are overly complicated or simply require too much manual intervention to be effective. We have over 15 years’ experience in providing real time threat detection and protection solutions for small businesses and have decided to take the stress away from our clients and help them achieve what was previously not possible.

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