Data Privacy & Insider Threat Protection

Data Privacy Risk Assessment and Reduction for MSPs and their Customers


 Data Privacy compliance is one of the biggest risks facing Small and Medium Businesses today.  When faced with a data privacy event, SMBs can’t afford the resources it takes to address regulator scrutiny and fines. For most SMBs, knowing how to audit data and proactively avoid the liability is key to long term success.


While the business ultimately owns the risks associated with data privacy and regulations, the MSPs, which serves as network managers and administrators, are expected by the business to uncover the data risk, present it, and propose low-impact solutions to address the risk.


Custodian360 & Actifile can help MSPs uncover data risks and provide actionable risk reduction strategies.

How Actifile Works

Actifile’s small footprint agent and cloud management dashboard provides end-to-end data privacy functionality consisting of full data discovery, data flow auditing and risk remediation functions,

Actifile produces automated risk assessment reports by using regulation templates to automatically discover and audit the flow of regulated data within and outside of the business.


With a single click, identified risks may be reduced using Actifile’s transparent encryption functionality, which provides safe harbour for the data and doesn’t affect the workflows.

Actifile Data Privacy Risk Assessment

For a small monthly fee, run multi-tenant automated risk assessments and get customer ready reports with actionable insights for all of your customers.


Discover regulated data across the organisation’s laptops, workstations and servers.


Discover data flow to and from any application, including business sanctioned applications and shadow IT.


Create subscription opportunities to provide continuous monitoring and alerts of the risk as it evolves.


Create services opportunities to assist with compliance audits and drive down data privacy risks.

A very simple process that exposes the risks that customers care about and uncovers many business opportunities for the MSP.



Run the automated discovery tool. Wait 4-5 business days to discover application use.


Retrieve built in report and present to customer. Asses the risk posed by data types, quantity, devices and applications.


Set up automated audits. Work with Custodian360 on risk reduction strategies (where required).


Implement risk reduction strategy and services.

Solution Benefits


Easy to deploy and use:

RMM friendly, multi-tenant solution that does not require data security expertise to configure and maintain.

Holistic solution:

Solution that checks all the boxes, risk assessments, auditing, risk reduction and workflow controls.


Actifile has no effect on the employees way of doing business.

Actifile Features


Built in Regulatory Templates

Risk Dashboard and Reporting

Data at Rest Discovery

Data Risk Heatmap

Transparent Encryption for Parked Data

Multi-Tenant Cloud Based Management

Blacklist and Whitelist Controls

Supports All Flavours of BYOD

Managed Service Provider? Work with us


The Actifile Suite lets MSP’s solve an array of challenges for their customers, with a unified, centralised and well-integrated offering





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