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Custodian360 is a fully managed endpoint security solution for small & medium businesses. Our software solution protects you from malicious intruders, viruses and ransomware with a team of expert analysts dedicated to ensuring the safety of your commercial data and uptime of your IT infrastructure.

Detect threats to your IT Infrastructure

Our software is developed on powerful behavioural analysis algorithms specialising in threat detection and mitigation ensuring nothing can slip into your machines or network. Custodian360 leverages a powerful, behavioural analysis agent for threat detection to protect data from the types of advanced malware, exploits, drive-bys and script-based attacks that evade outdated, signature based anti-virus technology and sandboxing solutions in Windows, Apple and Linux environments.

Powered by  Sentinel One  and Lookout and supported by our team of experienced analysts Custodian360 actively detects and prevents attacks, even those using memory, PowerShell scripts, insider attacks and browser based drive-by exploits. Once detected, we automatically shut down the attack on the infected machine and prevent lateral movement across the network before our analysts conduct thorough assessment of the risk.

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Protect your critical system and data in real time

Silent monitoring of all user and kernel space activity on the EndPoint provides protection from known and unknown threats. Our behavioural analysis agent rapidly builds a complete contextual picture of normal system activity, which serves as a baseline for the most complete advanced behavioural analysis based agent on the market today.

With full visibility into all of your EndPoints, both traditional Laptop/Desktop and also Data Centre servers, the engine pinpoints malicious activity, even by the most sophisticated, stealthy attacks and stops them in their tracks. We secure Windows, OS X, and Linux EndPoint devices (servers, workstations and laptops) for complete EndPoint protection.

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Automatically repair and rollback damage

Automated remediation via our agent is seamless and virtually instant. Operating at kernel level allows the highly advanced agent to “see” every action which takes place on a machine or server from the moment it boots and simply reverse anything which is deemed a malicious threat whilst simultaneously removing said threat in its entirety.

Even in the case of the most virulent sophisticated attacks the Custodian360 agent will stand firm and protect you ensuring your business critical data and continuity remain untouched.

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Leading Ransomware Recovery

Custodian360’s fully integrated response capabilities extend to the increasingly prevalent Ransomware, defeating the known strains through to the true “Zero Day” advanced threats, if something slips through, we can reverse any attack-driven file damage and restore* files back to their pre-execution previously trusted states with the click of a button.

Complimenting your Cyber Insurance, we protect and repair data from the types of advanced malware, exploits, drive-bys and script-based attacks that traditional outdated solutions miss.

For more information on how the Custodian360 Managed Endpoint Security solution can help your business, please contact us or visit our resource section.

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