MSPs have been dealing with “Advanced Persistent Mess” for some time.

From customers with chronic under investment in IT to those that feel desktop AV is good enough – the pandemic has been brutal on many companies from a security perspective.

With the right attitude, technological stack and package of services MSPs can under promise and over deliver! Corporate IT is looking on with envy at the agility, tools and can-do attitude of MSPs who have been on the front lines of a crisis in IT since the first ransomware attacks of 2015.

On the 1st of May at 13:00, join the phenomenal Ian Thornton-Trump, CD – Canadian MSP owner and CISO of Cyjax UK Ltd. along with the legendary Andy James – Managing Director & Co-Founder of Custodian360 as they look at the MSP attitude, delivery and profitability challenges right now and in the future.

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